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A joyful and unforgettable experience for you and your guests. A wedding that reflects your personality, your taste, your dreams.
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Imagine your wedding day in a historical building, such as an old monastery, a colonial house in the heart of the historic center of Oaxaca City, a vibrant and picturesque garden, or a magnificent restored hacienda. We can suggest a wide variety of settings, taking into consideration the number of guests, the time of the day and year, the menu, and of course your budget. We can also arrange beach weddings on the coast of Oaxaca.

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Equis-O Eventos will help you arrange any kind of ceremony, whether civil, religious, or shamanic, and handle the paperwork. We also offer ceremonies for LGBTQ couples. We help you choose the best catering service, music, decoration, and ambiance. Most important of all is that the small, usually invisible details are fused together to create a harmonious and joyful celebration.

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On your wedding day, your taste should be reflected by every single detail. We help you choose the best catering service, the most adequate music, decoration and lighting. We develop the program as a whole, the dynamics and logistics of your event. We believe that the sum of well designed elements, guarantees a personalised, elegant, original and fun celebration. We pay attention to special requirements.

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Oaxaca also offers a unique and varied regional cuisine, besides its famous seven moles, and is considered today an important center of gastronomic innovation. Oaxaca is also a magnet for foodies, where an exciting range of culinary traditions merge with the immense variety of local products, creating new and original options. Over the years, we have discovered the best catering services and local cooks, who offer the exquisite traditional and contemporary Oaxacan, Mexican, and international cuisines.

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Calendas & Guelaguetzas

We love to organize a Calenda, a procession through the streets of downtown Oaxaca which celebrates special events, particularly weddings. The newlyweds and their guests follow the traditional brass band around the city and dance along with the giant puppets dressed as a bride and groom and the women in dazzling regional costumes. The festivities are enhanced along the way by continuous tastes of mezcal.
There is no better way to appreciate Oaxaca's cultural diversity than to see the Guelaguetza, a set of regional dances performed by diverse ethnic groups dressed in their stunning local costumes and accompanied by traditional village bands.

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We highly recommend a visit to at least one of the splendid archaeological sites, Monte Albán, Mitla or Yagul. Another exciting option is a stop at a palenque, a family business where you can witness the traditional process for making Oaxaca's famous mezcal.

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We have excellent contacts with hotels, which give us special group rates and offer the ideal lodging for your friends and family.

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We can arrange transportation services by bus, van or car, depending on the number of people and the destination, as well as airport transfers.

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We will create the most fantastic settings for you, with exquisite and original decorations of any style, thanks to the artistry of our local craftsmen.
Before the wedding you will be able to see how the table will look and sample the menu, or we will send photos if you can't travel beforehand.

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This is the soul of the party and anything goes. Just let us know what you like for each stage of the celebration, and we´ll make sure you get it!

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Photo + Video

We offer you the best services to assure an impeccable documentation of the best moments of your wedding.


We follow the official health and safety guidelines by the sanitary authorities. Amongst others, we measure everyone's temperature, we provide face masks and hand sanitizer, the sitting layout respects social distancing, and we constantly disinfect all surfaces.
The health of our staff is our highest priority.

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Wedding Planner

After pursuing studies in Economics at Mexico´s National Autonomous University (UNAM) and a postgraduate degree at the London School of Economics in the UK, I have worked for several cultural institutions, such as the National Institute for Anthropology and History (INAH), the National Council for Culture and Arts (CONACULTA), and the Ministry of Culture of Oaxaca. Originally from Mexico City, I´ve lived in Oaxaca for 25 years and for the last 16 years I´ve organized cultural, academic, and social events. I chose to live here because I simply love Oaxaca, and I'm convinced that very few destinations in the world can match its cultural, artistic and historic wealth.

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Cultural Capital of México

The diversity of cultures and traditions that coexist in Oaxaca, together with the charming and provincial atmosphere of the city, explain its increasing popularity as a wedding destination. The wide selection of fascinating cultural and historical attractions, as well as its world famous cuisine, will entice you to have your wedding in Oaxaca. And we can guarantee that after you´ve been here once, you will want to return  again…. and again.

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Equis-O Eventos
For a Fair and Sustainable Mexico

Having travelled throughout the state of Oaxaca organizing cultural events, we have a good idea of what appeals to people for their first visit to this rich region of Mexico. We have cultivated excellent professional relationships over the years with many artisans (for example, those who make the decorative objects for the wedding reception) and service providers. We also make a point of distributing the work among various families so that no one has a monopoly. Above all, we believe that their hard work and particular talents must be properly compensated, an obvious first step toward reducing the excruciating social injustice that Oaxacans currently and historically have had to endure.

The spotlight is always on you

Don't just take our word for it.

We love Oaxaca and had our hearts set on getting married in this most magical place. When we saw Gisele being raved about in articles about Oaxaca weddings, we reached out. She was SUCH a fortuitous find and has become a wonderful and close friend of ours! We had a very artistic and ambitious vision for our wedding - with a big group of guests arriving from all over. We wanted to really conjure the magic and cultural richness of the city in our multi-day celebration. There were five days of events (with multiple events a day) and hundreds of moving parts. Gisele had everything on point.
All we can say is that EVERY aspect was executed perfectly, beautifully, and beyond even our wildest expectations. Gisele built our trust quickly with her thoroughness and transparency.  Throughout the process, there were ZERO financial surprises.  Planning went flawlessly, which is especially notable considering we did almost all of it remotely from San Francisco – and neither bride or groom speak Spanish. Gisele’s communication style always kept it calm, positive and enthusiastic. The vendors she engaged were professional, friendly, responsive and took our ideas to the most creative and exciting places possible!!
The general consensus amongst our guests was that this was the best (and most beautiful) wedding - and event for that matter - they had ever been to ANYWHERE! We are so grateful to Gisele for making our special day, the most special that it could ever be! WOW!

B. Alkire and J. Modell, September 2019

We were so lucky to have come across Gisele because she turned out to be the perfect person to plan our Oaxacan wedding, we truly could not have done it without her and the girls at Equis-O Eventos. It was fantastic that Gisele could speak both great English and Spanish to communicate with our families. She knows many of the venues in town and has very trusting relationships with many excellent and reliable vendors. She arranged the ceremony decorations, a power generator, the sound system, a calenda (oaxacan street parade), the best wedding food our guests said they had ever had, a live band and dj, and truly amazing decorations. She had all of the moving parts working together and took care of everything so that we could really enjoy our wedding day!! The final product was beautiful all of our friends and family are still talking about how this was the best wedding they have ever attended. We 100 percent recommend Gisele and Equis-O Eventos. Thank you so much Gisele!

Jane & Giovani, April 2017

Incredibly grateful for Gisele & the Equis-O Eventos team!!
Our wedding in Oaxaca City was a dream come true. It was everything and more than we could have ever imagined. Most of this is due to the true professionalism, talent, and passion of Gisele and her team. We came across Gisele and engaged a relationship one year prior to our wedding. Upon our initial meeting with Gisele, we knew that we could trust her with the task of planning a celebration of a lifetime for us. We feel so blessed to have worked with Gisele; someone trustworthy, professional, talented, bilingual, patient, kind and accessible. She is beyond a wedding planner, Gisele is an artist. Mil gracias, Gisele! Our hearts are grateful. Your support and expertise created a beautiful wedding celebration for us that we will forever cherish.

Veronica & Steve, November 2016

Agradecemos tus finas atenciones para la organización y desarrollo de nuestra boda. Recibimos muy buenos comentarios tanto de los asistentes mexicanos como de los brasileños, quienes disfrutaron los detalles oaxaqueños como la calenda y la música tradicional. Sin duda, fue un evento maravilloso que guardaremos siempre en nuestro corazón.

Teresa & Cassio, May 2015

Quizá la calidad más esencial en una organizadora de eventos es más que una calidad: es un arte. El arte de saber conciliar. Más que diplomática, tranquila, ecuánime, y buena escucha, Gisele siempre entendió y supo como conciliar las ideas distintas de mi esposo y mías para volverlas realidad. También tiene el don de la elegancia y la sencillez que están en acuerdo perfecto con Oaxaca como contexto. Sabe trabajar con la gente local, y apoya a los pequeños artesanos y negociantes al mismo tiempo que sabe cómo guardar las exigencias de calidad más altas. Nuestra boda salió absolutamente perfecta y gente de tres continentes distintos opinaron que fue una de las mejores bodas a las que han asistido en sus vidas. Para nosotros Gisele fue como un hada madrina (¡además guapa y trilingüe!).

Gabriela & François, August 2012

Gisele, además de su gran capacidad organizativa y buen gusto, es la señora de los milagros. No obstante las presiones de última hora que, por cuestiones de lluvia, nos obligaron a sumar en unos cuantos días muchos otros elementos, la boda de mi hija resultó espléndida. No exagero al afirmar que rebasó las expectativas de todos, gracias a nuestra organizadora de bodas. Muchas gracias, Gisele.

Ana Terán, October 2013

My husband and I made the decision to get married in Oaxaca. Since we live in New York City, we searched for a wedding coordinator to assist us with all of the planning. We found Gisele's website after a Google search and contacted her. Right from the beginning, she was warm and inviting. She helped us plan our dream wedding weekend and executed it perfectly. We were fortunate to make two trips to Oaxaca prior to the wedding to meet with each vendor and finalize the little details. During these visits, we were treated extremely well simply because we were with Gisele. Everyone in the town treats her with the highest respect and it showed in their actions towards us. Her dedication to her job of planning a magical weekend could not have been better. We highly recommend Gisele's services for any event in Oaxaca, especially a wedding. We, along with our friends and family, appreciate her help creating such a memorable and exciting event.

Gina Gutierrez Pesce, August 2009


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